Monthly Archives: May 2018


The second volume of the Young Wizard stories (Young Wizard on the Run) is to the editor now and should be released in a few weeks.

I’m enjoying bringing the story to life as it has been in my head for a long, long time. The first three chapters of the Young Wizard were written in August 1970. At that time, I had also outlined the entire series of books. Enough so that I could reference the wizard’s life in another book: the Evidence for the Existence of the Mythological United States.

Another series I started in October 1970, will see its first volume out soon as well. The Cult of the Black Lotus happens elsewhere than in the lands inhabited by the Young Wizard but – if I can get all the stories published – the two tales and series will actually collide.

But that’s still a few years away.

In addition to those volumes forthcoming, I am also doing a sequel to the Evidence… volume mentioned above, but it won’t be ready until later. Maybe next year.

As fun as it has been over the years to create the world these people inhabit (and the two thousand pages of maps and history I’ve created for the background materials) it is infinitely more fun to breathe life into the stories themselves.

I hope the tales will be enjoyed.