a Little Background

Raised on the west coast, I became accustomed to surf, sunshine, warm temperatures, smog and a smattering of earthquakes. Like Dickens mused, it was the best of time, it was the worst of times.

And there, in 1969, I began working on a post-apocalyptic short story that morphed into a novel. And later, it would morph again into a series.

The idea was simple: what sort of a civilization would rise again from the ashes of the one we knew if a nuclear holocaust was delivered on a rather limited scale?

I soon found myself attempting to write the history of the next twelve hundred years, creating as I did so a young character named Anaboraxus, who just happened to be a wizard and who, as it were, played an important role in the history I was developing. He lived in the middling period of the twelve-hundred year future. At the end of the period, I created an historian named B. M. Saktarin Danels.

For those two characters, I have published two books to start their tales. The Young Wizard exposes how the young man became a wizard and helped a dwindling civilization to get back on its feet. The historian has a volume as well, The Evidence for the Existence of the Mythological United States, and I think the title is rather self-explanatory. The historian digs through ancient texts and archives to find evidence of the ancient myths of a wonderful land called “the United States”… much like present searchers are trying to find the fabled Atlantis.

And though the two series of tales (one about the Young Wizard and the other about the historian) happen six centuries apart, the ruins the wizard finds in his journeys (an episode not included in the first volume) are instrumental to the historian. And I plan other “interactions” between the two later in each series.

And that’s all because of an apocalyptic short story I started in 1969.

Gee, I must really have too much time on my hands!!

[Author of the novel the Young Wizard (and its sequel Young Wizard on the Run due in 2013) available in digital and print formats, and author of the new pseudo-nonfiction work: The Evidence for the Existence of the Mythological United States, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble among others.]

You can stay abreast of forthcoming titles at Martian Publishing’s website or facebook page.

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