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What would the world be like after a nuclear war?

Certainly if the number of warheads spewing nuclear material into the atmosphere was significant, I should imagine the world would be beyond recovery for centuries as every living thing could be erased. But what if there was only a limited number of warheads, something a bit less than killing the entire world six times over?

A story was born of that idea and the year was 1969. As I worked on the timeline for civilization rebuilding itself, I encountered more story ideas along the way and the short story morphed into a novel. As it developed further, it morphed into a series. Then one became two… and so forth.

The eventual end of the exercise was accumulated into a volume I called The Evidence for the Existence of the Mythological United States and it began accumulating rejection slips in the 1970’s. It continued to do so for the next forty years.

Then, in 2012, a group of us got together and formed a publishing company, Martian Publishing, and the volume has finally been published. As well as The Young Wizard, another tale from the same general collection of proposed future histories.

Is this a viable model for the future of the world? The intense nuclear threat that had once held this nation captive seems to have alleviated somewhat but there are other nuclear threats on the horizon. Though Russia (aka “the Evil Empire”) is no longer capable of destroying the world six times over, that degree of destruction would have negated the possibility of any survivors.

So, perhaps the scenario is still viable.

Of course, there are a million little tiny factors that can go into a scenario like I suggest and this telling is only one of the many possibilities. Perhaps others may be closer to the mark but that is something I will never know because it will probably take place long after I am departed.


But I think the story is rich enough and diverse enough to entertain even if you cannot buy into the totality of the theory. And with that in mind, I continue to work on the sequels to both of the volumes.